What's the best VoIP service? Let Linehan help you out!

Linehan performs a variety of services, from installations to project management, training and support, but one of the best forms of service we provide is guiding you towards choosing the best VoIP service for you!

Traditional landline vs VOIP

Making the change from a traditional landline to VoIP for your business phone is easier than ever before.  Even compared with some commonly bundled packages, cable and phone companies can’t compete with the features and savings you’ll see by switching to one of the top business VoIP providers. Get VoIP – It’s for you!

Work-from home employees?  No problem!

Now, in the time of Covid, may employees are working from home, and keeping your business’ voice communications organized and centralized can be difficult. Fortunately, that’s where cloud-served voice over IP (VoIP) providers can help. With cloud VoIP (sometimes called a cloud PBX system), you can move direct extensions to new physical locations around town or even the country simply by clicking a mouse.

Where can I begin?

Before you can start choosing a phone system, we can help you figure out what it’s going to be used for and how much of your business will be involved. You need to look at your existing phone system and choose whether you’re going to keep most of it and simply add some VoIP functionality on top, retain only some parts of it, or replace everything. Let Linehan help you make those decisions!