[vcat_testimonial client_name=”Eric Jimene” client_title=”Artesia General Hospital”]As a leader of healthcare in southeastern New Mexico, our hospital needed a partner who could provide telecommunication support and grow as we did. Linehan Communications became our partner of choice. While our previous vendor provided support, they could not keep up with the support or operational demands required by our facility. Partnering with Linehan Communications resolved the situation and added features to our systems increasing collaboration with efficiency. Linehan Communications partnered with Century Link in order to provide a seamless transition from our old telecommunication provider. In doing so, Sean and his team were able to identify over billing by the previous provider as well as services being charged which were unnecessary. Through the process we were able to save thousands per year on telecommunication services. Working with Linehan Communications over the past three years has provided us with not only a vendor, but a partner we could trust.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial client_name=”Sherry Street, IT Manager” client_title=”Santo Domingo Health Center”]Linehan Communications has served our company for almost 5 years now. They are, by far, the best vendor I work with. Their professional service and friendly staff make them one of the few vendors I consider to be my “go-to-guys.” We recently upgraded our phone system while at the same time expanded our building and moved all staff. Linehan worked with us through this difficult time and got our phone system up and running smoothly. The entire phone system and all the phone were replaced and amazingly, there was a total down time of approximately 30 minutes. They also provided excellent training to all of our staff and continue to do so as needed. There are few companies today that can pride themselves on customer service… Linehan Communications is one of them.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial client_name=”Heather Pacheco, Operations Administration” client_title=”Albuquerque Academy”]Linehan Communications has taken the problems out of our phone system. Our phones were activated and Roberta, from Linehan reviewed everything with me (the person in charge to maintain the phones). I was sent to AZ to a class to help understand the system and what features were important to us. In the 4 years that the school has been with Linehan there have only been a few times that I have needed any kind of assistance with our system. Linehan has been great with updates and have assisted us right away or within 12 hours of needing help. I would recommend them not only for having a good phone system but also the peace of mind of having reliable service.[/vcat_testimonial]
[vcat_testimonial client_name=”Ted Reichelt, IT Manager” client_title=”New Mexico Legal Aid”]We have been extremely satisfied with the service and support we have received from Linehan Communications since we switch our phone system to Mitel for our 10 offices throughout New Mexico. The quality and features of this new phone system are great and very reliable. Whenever we have questions or should an issue arise, we can always rely on Linehan’s fast and professional service to help us.
We would highly recommend their services and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial client_name=”Debbie Hussey, Director of Health Systems Management” client_title=”Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless “]As an integrated health care provider it was crucial that we have a reliable telecommunication platform. Linehan Communications exceeded our expectations with our recent implementation of a Mitel VoIP system. Their technical expertise, timely deliverance, training of staff, installation of equipment and excellent customer service was superior. The staff are knowledgeable, responsible and exhibit unsurpassed professionalism. Our overall experience with Linehan Communications was positive and I would highly recommend them to anyone with telecommunication needs.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial client_name=”New Mexico Public Facility Authority”]Thank you for the assistance. Jack Lemon and Cary Jarvis did a great job as always and we appreciate that.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial client_name=”Keres Consulting”]Wanted to let you know how much we value your assistance, for sharing your knowledge and resources.

As we talk with others in the business, it’s no surprise your team has such a great reputation here in New Mexico.

We feel very fortunate to be supported by everyone at Linehan Communications.[/vcat_testimonial][vcat_testimonial client_name=”Coronado Country Club”]Both you and Thom have been sooo patient and wonderful in working with me on this process. Linehan Communicatons, Inc. is VERY VERY lucky to have such great people working with them.[/vcat_testimonial]